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Council Leader’s promise

The independence referendum showed clearly that, regardless of how we voted, we all care passionately about Scotland. As a Unionist, I am delighted at the outcome of the referendum vote, as I do believe we are better together within the UK, but I recognise that many people will be feeling bitterly disappointed at the outcome. Across the country, people voted in unprecedented numbers, and hopefully that enthusiasm can be maintained for voting at future elections. South Ayrshire has a long history of high voter turnout, and the figures on this occasion broke all records. We are passionate about Scotland, but we are also passionate about South Ayrshire. I see this on a daily basis in the Council, where political differences are put to one side to ensure we do the best we can for South Ayrshire. That passion is evident too in our local communities, our rural villages and our towns. We all want South Ayrshire to flourish, and we want to see our ambition realised. That can only happen if we continue to work together, putting our differences aside, for the good of our local communities. It’s all about people coming together, communities coming together.

I would like to thank and compliment everyone for turning out to vote in such numbers, and I also thank the Council staff who were involved in running a very efficient referendum and the count at the Citadel in Ayr. It has been an exhausting time for everyone, but hopefully we all had a bit of a breather over the holiday weekend, and are now ready to roll up our sleeves and get on with being the best we can be here in South Ayrshire.

Bill McIntosh

Leader, South Ayrshire Council

Thank you

On behalf of the Green Yes campaign I would like to thank the 34,402 people in South Ayrshire who voted Yes in the referendum.

In the Green Yes campaign we sought to make the choice about ambition, hope and seizing a unique opportunity. You embraced that message which is reflected in our membership, with the Ayrshire Branch of the Scottish Green Party membership doubling since the referendum.

I am proud that 86% of people showed that they cared enough to make their voice heard. I fervently hope that all the readers who have been stirred by the debate will stay stirred and join me in striving for a better Scotland.

Of course, I acknowledge that more people in South Ayrshire voted No than Yes. I want to thank you too for giving spirited debate and taking part. Over the last few months we may have had a different view on how best to reach a greener and fairer Scotland, but I know many thousands share my sense of urgency on getting to the same destination. I hope you too will join us.

Yvonne McLellan,

Co-Convenor, Ayrshire Branch of the Scottish Greens

Seize an opportunity

Following the independence referendum there is still a job of work to be done by the wonderful Yes Scotland campaign in fighting to deliver the best deal possible for Scotland while the Westminster parties wrangle.

Given the political vacuum created by such machinations, there is an opportunity for the organisation to really seize the agenda and take things forward and deliver Devo Max, which a majority of the Scottish people desire.

If we as a nation sit back and wait for the crumbs from the Westminster table we are going to get a paltry set of additional powers, if any at all.

While the energy is still there, Yes Scotland should be pushing for Devo Max, with everything bar defence and foreign affairs put under the control of the Scottish Parliament.

We cannot let this opportunity slip through our hands and leave ourselves open to a deal cobbled together by the Westminster parties behind the scenes which will go nowhere near satisfying the desires of the Scottish people.

The job for Yes Scotland is not yet done and while one chapter has firmly closed another chapter has opened up.

Alex Orr


air ambulance

Patient Appeal

Many of your readers will be familiar with the distinctive sight of Scotland’s only charity funded helicopter air ambulance in the skies above your communities, flying to time-critical emergencies wherever and whenever required.

During this, National Air Ambulance Week (Sep 22-28), we are appealing to the public to support Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) which has responded to over 400 emergency callouts since launching 16 months ago.

Many of our patients have come to visit us at our Perth Airport base once they recover and we would like to meet many more. We care for our patients beyond handover at a hospital and we would very much like to hear from anyone who has been attended to by our team or whose life has been affected by our air ambulance service.

There have been thousands who have been touched by our life-saving work - not only those we airlift, but also their families, friends, colleagues and communities. We want to hear your stories to better inform the public of what we do.

Find out more by visiting or telephone 0300 123 1111.

Gavin Davey

Chief Executive

Scotland’s Charity Air