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Murphy’s law?

I was surprised to read in the newspaper that the new

Labour leader-Jim Murphy- saying that he will be the next First Minister? Like most Labour politicians he is very good at getting his imagination and his abilities mixed up.

Labour supporters are deserting the Labour party in droves and joining the SNP. Johann Lamont was right when she said that the Westminster Labour party used their Scottish brothers like a branch office. As for Jim Murphy he seems to have forgotten that you have to be elected to the Scottish parliament before you can hold any office and your party must have to hold the majority to be eligible to hold any office. It will be a big surprise if Jim Murphy has much of a Labour party left to help him to achieve his dream of becoming First Minister. The SNP is now the third largest party in Great Britain-larger than the Lib.Dems. and UKIP put together. Your dream is more likely to turn into a nightmare. The working classes have finally realised-after nearly a hundred years of listening to Labour’s broken promises-that they are no longer the Peoples’ party. There is an old saying-You Reap what You Sow.

Gibby Wilson

Girvan SNP

boys brigade

Positive year for brigade

As 2014 draws to a close, we reflect on what has been a positive year for The Boys’ Brigade in Scotland.

The role our young people have played in driving the organisation forward has been overwhelming. Through our ‘Growing Bigger, Growing Better’ recruitment campaign, our young people have engaged in their local communities through a range of activities, resulting in an increase in 800 new members, since September.

Our young people have also undertaken a world record attempt for the longest game of five-aside football as a fundraising initiative for The BB, whilst also thinking about others.

Additionally we raised over £11,000 for the Church of Scotland’s World Mission Fund, which will help young people in the Czech Republic.

This year has also witnessed a record number of young people achieve the highest recognition in our organisation – the Queen’s Badge.

In 2014, 600 young people – an increase of 150 awards since 2013 – achieved the honour and, in doing so, contributed 40,000 volunteering hours to their communities.

Collectively, this highlights the continued relevance of The Boys’ Brigade to today’s young people.

However, we couldn’t have achieved such impressive outcomes without the help of thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes, and to them we are extremely grateful.

Looking ahead, we hope to welcome new adult volunteers to help us achieve even more.

In addition, we’re committed to improving our Under 11’s programme as well as to improving our facilities at our national training centre in Larbert, as we seek to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of children and young people.

Bill Stevenson

Director, Scotland

The Boys’ Brigade


Company has real power

The Power part is more than providing electricity. They have real power. Dersalloch Wind Farm near Straiton in Ayrshire will have 23 giant turbines. Around 5,000 objections were put forward and objectors included ornithologists, walking groups, lovers of Scottish scenery, the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory and the Planners of two local councils.

The Scottish Government overruled all of them in favour of ScottishPower.

The announcement was made on the opening of the Commonwealth Games. Was it just a coincidence that all the news media would be covering the Games and this important statement would be overlooked?

The Government decision has not followed the rules, this application should have triggered a Public Local Inquiry.

Now there will be a petition for a Judicial Review.

But, even though the judicial process is underway, ScottishPower have started site investigation.

For five weeks they have been excavating the ground with machines and have set up a base with offices and portacabins.

Not only have ScottishPower, power over the government but also the Judiciary as why else would they start these works unless they know the outcome of the review?

Peter Holden

18 Main Street,