Carrick is the wettest place in the UK

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APART from a brief five day dry spell in the second week, August weather did not play in our favour as it was, at times, very unsettled and wet.

George Watt of Ballantrae measured 58.3mm of rainfall in 18 hours - almost two weeks worth - making it the wettest place in the UK. The total rainfall, as measured 2.5 miles east of Ballantrae, was 205.6mm – well above the average for the last 16 years of 112.6mm. Only 2009 was wetter.

Although it may be the wettest area, weather conditions in the Girvan area are not the worst by far – the Met Office issued a 21-hour severe weather alert for parts of the Central Belt and all of southern Scotland.

In Carrick the mean temperature worked out at 14.94 degrees, just a little above the average for the last 12 years of 14.85 degrees. The highest temperature of the month was on the 15th, when it was 23.5 degrees. The lowest temperature recorded was only 3.6 degrees early on the 31st, when the first ground frost of the autumn months occurred.

Despite not seeing an end in the poor weather soon, this week is set to be slightly better according to the Met Office. With highs of 18 degrees for the weekend, we may have something to look forward to.