Carrick MP votes against renewal of Trident

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Two Ayrshire Labour MPs, including Carrick MP, Sandra Osborne, voted with the SNP at Westminster against new nuclear missiles on the Clyde.

Sandra Osborne and Katy Clark supported the motion to scrap Trident nuclear missiles when it was debated in the Houses of Parliament last week.

Most Labour MPs voted with the Conservatives in favour of replacing Trident with a new generation of nuclear weapons to be based on the Clyde.

A spokesman for Ayrshire CND said it was delighted that two Ayrshire Labour MPs supported an opposition motion in Parliament last week calling for the proposal to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system to be scrapped. Arthur West secretary of Ayrshire CND said: “Our group are absolutely delighted that Ayrshire MPs Sandra Osborne and Katy Clark supported the motion to scrap trident when it was debated in Parliament last week .

“We understand that Kilmarnock and Loudoun MP Cathy Jamieson could not be present at the vote due to other commitments and the fourth Ayrshire MP Brian Donohoe disappointingly voted in favour of Trident’s replacement.

“The Trident replacement will cost £100 billion and is money which could be better spent on decent things like housing, jobs and the health service.

“Ayrshire CND salute the two MPs who saw the sense of this argument and voted accordingly last week.

“We also acknowledge the efforts of opposition parties in putting forward this important motion for debate.”

The SNP’s Carrick MSP Adam Ingram said: “It’s no wonder that Labour MPs are embarrassed by their party’s support for a new generation of weapons of mass destruction.

“They had no problem trooping behind the Tories to vote on £30 billion more austerity cuts – which will hurt communities and families across Scotland for years to come with a policy that is simply not working.

“That Scottish Labour MPs support wasting another £100bn on weapons of mass destruction while foodbank use is rocketing, and more and more children are being pushed into poverty, is simply indefensible – and with their refusal to debate it’s clear that they know it too. The debate was an opportunity for MPs of all parties to oppose the moral and economic obscenity of Trident renewal.”