Carrick MSP backpacks for Mary’s Meals

Adam Ingram MSP with his SNP colleagues and their backpack donations.
Adam Ingram MSP with his SNP colleagues and their backpack donations.
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A collection of Mary’s Meals backpacks initiated at the Scottish Parliament has produced a fantastic response from MSPs and parliamentary staff, including Carrick’s Adam Ingram MSP.

The Mary’s meals project provides a daily meal in a place of education to chronically poor children in countries such as Malawi, Liberia and Haiti. In 2002 the project fed 200 children but now feeds over 600,000 providing a lifeline to the very poorest families.

As part of their work Mary’s Meals runs a backpack project which provides a small backpack filled with basic school equipment pencils, pens, paper etc. and some personal items such as a t shirt, towel, toothpaste etc, (second hand is fine as long as in good condition). This is given to the children to help in their education and daily lives.

The initiative at the Scottish Parliament resulted in 99 backpacks being donated by MSPs, their staff, parliament staff and members of the press with over £200 also being donated.

Local SNP MSP Adam Ingram said: “Mary’s Meals is an innovative project doing very worthwhile work helping some of the world’s poorest children.

“The Backpack project is a key part of their on-going work. I am delighted to join my parliamentary colleagues and friends in the media in trying to do our small bit to help.

“I would urge anyone not aware of Mary’s Meals backpack project to look at and consider organising a collection of backpacks in their own workplace, community, school, college etc.

“A small backpack may not seem like much but it provides real practical help in the education and wellbeing of some of the world’s most impoverished children.”