Carrick ommunity councils to produce six-year strategy

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The Carrick Community Councils Forum is currently in the process of hiring a consultant as they look to drive forward their strategy for the area.

Working in conjunction with Girvan based social enterprise charity Ailsa Horizons, the new consultant will produce a Carrick Development strategy for 2014-2020.

The role is currently out to tender on the Public Contract Scotland website and there has been a significant level of the interest in the role.

Tenders should be submitted via the aforementioned website by Tuesday 8th April at 12noon and the tender returns should include a proposed fee for carrying out the job, a proposed approach, methodology and timeline for the job, demonstration of experience in similar projects and CV’s for proposed consultants.

Tenders will be assessed on the basis of cost, experience and quality of approach.

In producing a new development strategy, the forum intends that the consultant(s) will:

- Review, and if necessary adapt the six priorities in light of village and town level Action plans that have been produced in Carrick (including Action Plans produced recently within the “Ayrshire 21” project)

- Take account of the Kyle Development Strategy being produced by the recently established Kyle Rural Forum so as to identify strategies between the two rural development strategies and facilitate the subsequent development of a Rural South Ayrshire Development Strategy.

- Take account of the October 2013 “Rural Study: Rural Ayrshire and the Isles of Arran and Cumbraes: South Ayrshire Council.”

- Explicitly link the Carrick strategy to the South Ayrshire Economic Development Strategy and Associated Action plans.

- Take account of the Ayrshire Local Development Strategy and Business Plan being produced for the Mainland Ayrshire Leader Programme 2014-20.

- Identify and cost specific actions to be implemented in the first year of the strategy.

- Advise on the potential to package actions on parts of the strategy into a project or projects that might attract external funding.

- Advise on the potential sources of funding for projects to implement parts of the strategy

- And propose mechanisms and processes that will help to keep the implementation of the strategy at the centre of the forum’s work during the period 2014-20.

The Carrick Community Councils Forum was formed in October 2006 with support from Ailsa Horizons and its purpose is to promote liaison and joint action amongst Community Councils in Carrick.

A consultant is expected to be appointed by the end of April with the final strategy document being delivered no later than mid July 2014.