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Feral 1
Feral 1

The Boys want out of town!

These poor young fellows will soon have spent nearly a year in care - which is awful for cats whose natural habitat is roaming free in the Ayrshire countryside!

Born on a farm, within a semi-feral colony, they were trapped and neutered at a young age, but sadly not quite young enough to be comfortable with a domestic environment. Whilst they are accepting of humans near to them, these chaps will be happiness in a rural setting with suitable shelter and food, and they will dutifully keep any rodents well away. The boys are very striking to the eye and can be rehomed as a group of four or in pairs. They are 11 months old and in excellent health. People often shy away from semi-feral cats - they are not wild tigers ready to attack at any moment - respect their space, and if you do get too close - they’ll run away. Simples, as another famous “cat” states! If you want to know more about the type of home and care these charmers need, please, please ring our office on 08453 714216. We urgently need to let the lads start enjoying life.

Other news, we are pleased to annouce great success with our recent bag packs, raising £92 at Tesco in Ayr, and £394 at Asda in Girvan and our heartfelt thanks goes to both stores and communities for their support. Our lost & found list is very busy at the moment, with the most recent being a middle aged black cat, with a white chest and toes, being found near Ardfin Road in Prestwick. Owners who do lose their cats are urged to contact us and hopefully we can help towards reunion. Micro-chipping is a cheap, non-invasive way of uniquely identifying your cat and has been shown to help reunite many strays with their rightful owners. In the last year, we have assisted in several ownership/identity disputes which could all easily be avoided if the cats had been chipped.