Champion golfer Nan celebrates 90 years young

Nan Macdonald
Nan Macdonald

It is not usually polite to mention a ladies age but there are exceptions to this.

And as the ladies of Turnberry Golf Club were celebrating Nan Macdonald’s 90th (shh!) birthday last week in Wildings Restaurant it does not seem out of place to wish Nan our sincere birthday congratulations on attaining a very active 90 years of age.

Nan is a petite, very cheery, youthful looking lady who pulls, yes pulls, her caddy cart around 18 holes of the Kintyre course at Turnberry most weeks.

That is unless some of her more youthful companions find 18 holes too much, then a compromise is reached.

Sometimes some of her playing partners with electric powered caddy carts give her trolley a pull up some of the steeper hills such as that between the seventh green and the eighth tee, but Nan feels that although helpful it is not necessary.

Nan Macdonald joined Turnberry Golf Club in 1969 has won the Cockburn Cup three times with three different male partners and the Sir John Tait Salver once in the company of John Wilson.

Nan is not only a charming lady to know, she is also a good golfer and an excellent advertisement for the benefits of playing golf.

Long may you continue to enjoy your golf Nan in the company of your regular playing partners.