Charrette to improve Maybole

Members of Maybole Community Council heard last week that South Ayrshire Council has been successful in obtaining funding from the Scottish Government to organise a Charrette for Maybole.

A charrette is an exercise which is led by expert consultants, in this case David Thomson of DPT Urban Design.

David and his team will review all of the plans that different organisations and people have created for Maybole over past years. They will pull that information together and it will contribute to a number of public events which will be staged in Maybole from March 4-7.

This will give local people and officers from public agencies a chance to comment and to have their say.

David’s team will then draw up a brief showing a way forward for Maybole taking into account views from a wide range of people with local views being key to the process.

The Community Council hopes that this plan can then be agreed by the community and by South Ayrshire Council and other public bodies to begin to improve and develop Maybole in a coherent way.

The Charrette will focus mainly on the High Street and will take into consideration what can be done now and what should be done as a result of the “planned” by-pass.

Alan Murray, chair of the community council’s Town Centre Working Group, said: “We hope that this charrette can build on the work that has already been done by many local people.

“We had an excellent exercise early in 2014 where a number of local people came together from businesses, community groups and members of the public who outlined their vision for Maybole.

“This charrette exercise will build on that work and in other work that has been done and hopefully will get recognition and be turned into real projects to improve Maybole.

“As well as the High Street we think it’s important to look at education provision within the town as well as sports facilities.”

Mark Fletcher, chair of the community council, added: “The emphasis on the charrette is that it isn’t a standalone event - it is a continuation of the conversations started at the Community Council Regeneration Workshops.

“The outputs of the process will require new partnerships and collaborations to take ideas forward. It’s a four day process in which people can talk directly to designers, economists and other specialists to rapidly test their ideas.

“The experts can only work with the information presented to them to ensure they relate directly to Maybole, and the focus is on making the most of what exists already within the Greenside, Town Hall, High Street and Castle areas.

“These experts don’t arrive with budgets.

“Please look out for further details over the coming weeks and take this opportunity to take part in the charrette exercise which is being held during the first week of March.”