Chic Brodie MSP says oil in the Clyde story is confirmed

After almost three years of pursuing the oil in the Clyde story, South of Scotland MSP Chic Brodie says he now has confirmation that the Tory government of the early 198os blocked the exploitation of oil in the Clyde and the Atlantic margins of the West Coast of Scotland.

Michael Heseltine, former Secretary of State for Defence, confirmed at the weekend that this was the case.

Chic said: “When Michael Heseltine was asked, “There’s oil off the West Coast of Scotland, various oil companies wanted to exploit that but MOD blocked it on the basis there were nuclear submarines in the area?, he replied, ‘Of course I do remember that’.

“ The oil exists in the Clyde and when the issue of nuclear submarines is resolved, our communities will be able then to capitalise in terms of jobs, incomes and housing as we build on that asset.”