Christmas fayre fun gets underway

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CHRISTMAS is well and truly coming to Carrick as the Christmas Fayre season gets underway.

Straiton’s St Cuthbert’s Parish Church kicked off the festivities at the weekend with their event in the McCandlish Hall, with decorations, candles, cakes, wreaths and gifts all on sale for the the jolly festive crowd.

And other Carrick communities hope to keep up the seasonal sparkle this weekend with events at Girvan’s North Parish Church and Barr Village Hall.

Both will boast crafts, cards, books, home baking and much more - including teas and Christmassy treats - but have very different contexts. At Barr the Christmas Fayre is an established event, well into double figures and having been run by the village’s Community Association for the past three years.

Secretary Isobel Ringwood said 12 stalls have been confirmed, including patchwork and quilting creations, handmade soaps, jewellery, and home baking, and organisations from the Ayrshire Hospice to the village school will be represented.

“The last couple of years we have had a good turn out. Hopefully this year, all being well and weather permitting, we will get a good turn out once again,” she said. Meanwhile at Girvan’s North Parish Church the Christmas Fayre is only in its second year - but is already part of a mega money-making effort.

With proceeds going into the church restoration fund, for which a pot of £220,000 is ultimately required, the fayre joins fundraising efforts including a silent auction, jewellery sale, ceilidh, and ‘alternative wedding’ held by the Montgomerie Street place of worship over the past three years.

“We are just about at the £150,000 mark, so we’ve got to keep the impetus going to get the final push,” said organiser Betty Moffat. “Our first fayre last year was very successful; it was packed out. It’s always a nice, happy afternoon with a good tearoom and plenty of things for the children.”

Barr’s Christmas Fayre will be held in the Village Hall from 2pm until late afternoon, while the North Parish Christmas Fayre will take place from 2-4pm, with entry just £2.

Girvan Academy’s Christmas Fayre is scheduled for November 29 from 6.30-8pm - with entry for adults and Academy pupils £2 and for Primary pupils and below £1.