Christmas message from Sandra Osborne MP

Sadly not everyone will be relaxing and enjoying a stress free Christmas.

Over 3,000 are now registered as unemployed in this constituency, a figure that has been increasing month on month and looks likely to go on rising in the New Year.

Many families are beginning to feel the impact of Government cuts and it won’t be a warm and cosy Christmas for the 40% of Scots in, or at risk of, fuel poverty struggling to pay their increased fuel bills.

Some of our armed forces will be able to spend Christmas with their families and loved ones while others will be on active service.

It’s easy to say we support our troops but the Government is planning to limit their pay.

I have tabled a motion to Parliament calling for a rethink- especially for service men and women on the lowest incomes.

On a much happier note, this is a time when I would want to pay tribute to all the many organisations and individuals who have contributed so much to the local community over the past year.

I meet such people on a weekly basis and have nothing but admiration and respect for them.

Also on a happy note, I recently attended a meeting in Parliament on Organ Donation.

This was at the request of a local family whose son has recently undergone a successful liver transplant.

For him and them, Christmas will be a time of new life, and the New Year something to look forward to, full of hope and promise.

I wish the same to you all. Happy Christmas.