Co-Op set for demolition

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The old Co-Op building in Maybole town centre is finally set to be demolished after South Ayrshire Council set the wheels in motion.

At a meeting of South Ayrshire Council’s leadership panel on Tuesday, November 5, councillors agreed to use money from the regeneration fund to press ahead with demolishing the building.

The tendering process has now been agreed by the council and their scrutiny panel will assess each tender’s bid before deciding who will bring the building down.

Chairman of Maybole Community Council Mark Fletcher hopes that the work will be carried out as quickly as possible.

He said: “With the tenders in, I hope that within the next two to three weeks that the work would be carried out.

“And we would hope that the public conveniences would re-open as well, but there is a 
rumour that they might not.

“However, I must say that South Ayrshire have listened and communicated with the 
local people on this issue which is a good thing.”

The delays to the demolition of the building had brought about anger in the town.

In September, Mr Fletcher revealed his fears that the building could collapse at any moment.

The council had set aside £150,000 of money to demolish the derelict property but hadn’t done so despite serving a notice on the owners of the building more than two years ago.

Mr Fletcher commented then: “This building could fall down at any time.

“Part of the facade collapsed last year, and the A77 had to be closed.

“It should have been demolished by now.

“And the council should have realised it wouldn’t be just a case of swinging a ball at it.

“A building of that age was 
always likely to contain asbestos. So now they are going to have to shore it up to some extent, in order to safely remove the asbestos.

“We are really concerned about this, as a building in this state creates many risks for 
people in our community.”

The community councillor added that people were fed up to the back teeth with being 

Community councillors then promptly sent a letter to South Ayrshire Council leader Bill McIntosh who listened to their concerns before the decision was made last week.

The cottage in the nearby 
area of Whitehall has now been demolished despite a Historic Scotland objection.

Its unsafe condition had led to the Maybole Arms pub stopping people using their toilets such was the demand for them, due to the unsafe condition of the cottage and putting up signs for the toilets saying “customers only”.