Concern over Girvan registrar services

The Girvan registration offices in Knockcushan Street.
The Girvan registration offices in Knockcushan Street.
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Girvan’s registration office has been temporarily closed due to an uexpected staffing shortage at the centre in Knockcushan Street.

The staffing crisis means that residents in the Carrick area will have to travel to Ayr to register with funeral directors, hospitals, nursing homes and GP practices.

However, Girvan and South Carrick councillor Alec Clark has described the service in Girvan as second rate after similar staffing shortages arose last year also.

Councillor Clark said: “I can tell you plainly that I am not happy at this development.

“It has always been quite clear to me that a situation like this could arise given the second rate service which has been in place for registration services in Girvan and South Carrick for the last year or more.”

The Gazette understands personal reasons are the cause of the staffing shortage in the Girvan office which the council are promising to resolve quickly.

Ralph Riddiough, the council’s head of Legal and Democratic Service said: “We are fully committed to providing registration services in Girvan, but a sudden and unexpected absence at that office has led to the temporary suspension of services there.

“A full range of registration services are still available from our Ayr office and all options available to maintain cover at the Girvan office are being considered.

“In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience this temporary situation might cause.”