Concerns over police move- Carrick Gazette editorial

There is sure to be conern in Girvan and the wider Carrick area at the news this week that the local policing team is set to move into a shared facility at Girvan Community hospital.

As Councillor Alec Clark points out, this would leave another empty building in the centre of the town, of which there are already too many, including the former Davidson Hospital around the corner from the police station.

And there are concerns too over how the shared facility will work when people want to contact local police officers.

And for those living at the far end of Girvan it is hardly a short walk to the hospital to report any crimes.

The proposal also comes hot on the heels of the removal of the front counter service at Girvan station in March and people are understandably concerned that is getting harder and harder to get in touch with police officers in Carrick.

To his credit, Inspector Derek McMurdo has answered some of those questions on today’s front page. He stresses that there will be no reduction in service delivery and that this move will actually give better access to local officers as they become more visible.

And with the building in Montgomerie Street needing significant investment due to its ageing structure, the Inspector insists that it is a ‘no brainer’ to move into more modern facilities during these difficult financial times.

Whilst it is pleasing that there will be no reduction in service, here’s hoping that the police will indeed be more visible.

Since the introduction of Police Scotland, policing has felt more distant so even something as simple as talking to an officer in the hospital canteen could be a bonus.