Conservative minority administration to work in ‘partnership’ with Labour

At the first meeting of the new South Ayrshire Council the ten Conservative Councillors – the largest political group within the Council – formed a minority administration working in a Partnership Agreement with the nine Labour Councillors.

The Partnership Agreement sees Conservative Councillor Bill McIntosh resuming his position as Leader of South Ayrshire Council and Labour’s Councillor John McDowall becoming Depute Leader.

As well as appointing Leader and Depute Leader at today’s Council meeting, Councillors also appointed their civic head with Councillor Helen Moonie as South Ayrshire Provost and Councillor Mary Kilpatrick as Depute Provost.

Councillor McIntosh said: “This is an historic partnership in South Ayrshire which will deliver the best outcomes for the people of South Ayrshire. Every Council in the country faces significant challenges in the months and years ahead as the demand for services grows and budgets contract.

“Against that backdrop, we believe a Conservative-Labour partnership approach will ensure we can realise our ambitions for South Ayrshire’s people, communities and businesses. ‘Ne’er forget the people’ is our motto and we will be putting people and communities at the heart of our work over the next five years.”

Councillor McDowall added: “Our focus has always been to act in the best interests of the people of South Ayrshire and that commitment will not waiver. The issues that are important to our residents are the issues that are important to this Council and these are the issues we will embrace head-on with our Conservative colleagues.

“We believe a Partnership Agreement is the best way forward for South Ayrshire Council and will ensure we play our part in full.”

Councillors McIntosh and McDowall also confirmed they would work closely with the two independent Councillors – Alec Clark and Brian Connolly.

Councillors Clark and Connolly said they will continue to work in a positive and constructive manner for the benefit of Carrick and the residents of South Ayrshire, which will involve scrutinising every issue on a case by case basis.

Provost Moonie said: “I’m delighted to have been appointed South Ayrshire’s Provost. I know I have a hard act to follow in former Provost Sloan but I am relishing the prospect of getting to work and working with Depute Provost Kilpatrick.”

“As well as chairing Council meetings, the Provost has an important role as civic head of the Council. South Ayrshire is a fantastic area with lots of fabulous, inspirational people and I welcome the opportunity of doing my bit to make sure their efforts are recognised and the area is promoted to encourage tourists and visitors.”

See next week’s Carrick Gazette for a full report and reaction from the SNP opposition.

Appointments to South Ayrshire Council’s decision-making panels:

Leadership Panel

(Chair) Councillor Bill McIntosh, Portfolio Holder for Corporate, Strategic & Community Planning

(Vice-Chair) Councillor John McDowall, Portfolio Holder for Sustainability & the Environment

Councillor Margaret Toner, Portfolio Holder for Lifelong Learning

Councillor Bill Grant, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Leisure & Tourism Councillor Robin Reid, Portfolio Holder for Resource & Performance

Councillor Rita Miller, Portfolio Holder for Social Services

Councillor Philip Saxton, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Customer First

Scrutiny/Governance Management Panel

(Chair) Councillor Brian McGinley

(Vice-Chair) Councillor Hugh Hunter

Development and Environment Standing Scrutiny Panel

(Chair) Councillor Kirsty Darwent

(Vice-Chair) Councillor Ann Galbraith

Corporate and Community Planning Standing Scrutiny Panel

(Chair) Councillor Brian Connolly

(Vice-Chair) Councillor Alec Clark

Community Services Standing Scrutiny Panel

(Chair) Councillor John Hampton

(Vice-Chair) Councillor Andy Campbell

Appeals Panel

(Chair) Councillor Ian Cavana

(Vice-Chair) Councillor John Hampton

Chief Officers’ Appointments/Appraisals Panel

(Chair) Councillor Bill McIntosh

(Vice-Chair) Councillor John McDowall

Regulatory Panel

(Chair) Councillor Peter Convery

(Vice-Chair) Councillor Sandra Goldie

Local Review Body

(Chair) Councillor Peter Convery

(Vice-Chair) Councillor Sandra Goldie

Rural Panel

(Chair) Councillor Alec Clark

(Vice-Chair) Councillor Hywel Davies

General Purposes Panel

(Chair) Councillor Mary Kilpatrick

(Vice-Chair) Councillor Ian Cavana