Conservatives largest party in South Ayrshire - but only just

THE Conservatives have emerged as the largest party on South Ayrshire Council - but only just.

With final last result now in from Prestwick the Conservatives hold 10 seats, down two from the previous administration with both the SNP and Labour on nine seats each.

There are two independent councillors, Alec Clark in Girvan and Brian Connolly in Maybole.

Final results

Ward 1: Troon

Peter Convery, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Nan McFarlane, Scottish National Party (SNP) (Stage 4)

Bill McIntosh, Scottish Conservative & Unionist (Stage 5)

Philip Saxton, Scottish Labour Party (Stage 1)

The percentage poll was 48.28%, with 5,864 valid papers and 59 rejected papers.

Ward 2: Prestwick.

Ian Cochrane, Scottish National Party (SNP) (Stage 1)

Hugh Hunter, Scottish Conservative & Unionist (Stage 1)

Helen Moonie, Scottish Labour Party (Stage 1)

Margaret Toner, Scottish Conservative & Unionist (Stage 5)

The percentage poll was 45.93%, with 5,621 valid papers and 102 rejected papers.

Ward 3: Ayr North.

Douglas Campbell, Scottish National Party (SNP) (Stage 1)

Ian Cavana, Scottish Labour Party (Stage 1)

John Hampton, Scottish Conservative & Unionist (Stage 5)

Rita Miller, Scottish Labour Party (Stage 2)

The percentage poll was 34.47%, with 4,358 valid papers and 115 rejected papers.

Ward 4: Ayr East

Ian Douglas, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Mary Kilpatrick, Scottish Conservative & Unionist

Brian McGinley, Scottish Labour Party

Corri Wilson, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Percentage turnout was 43.87%, with 5,119 votes and 84 rejected ballot papers.

Ward 5: Ayr West

Kirsty Darwent, Scottish Labour Party

Allan Hopkins Dorans, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Bill Grant, Scottish Conservative & Unionist

Robin Reid, Scottish Conservative & Unionist

The percentage poll was 47.49%, with 5,889 valid papers and 57 rejected papers.

Ward 6: Kyle

John Allan, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Andy Campbell, Scottish Labour Party

Hywel Davies, Scottish Conservative & Unionist

Ward 7: Maybole, North Carrick & Coylton.

Brian Connolly, Independent: Stage 1

Ann Galbraith, Scottish Conservative & Unionist: Stage 1

Sandra Goldie, Scottish Labour Party: Stage 1

William James Grant, Scottish National Party (SNP): Stage 2

The percentage poll was 38.84%, with 4,305 valid papers and 57 rejected papers.

Ward 8: Girvan & South Carrick.

Alec Clark, Independent: Stage 1

John McDowall, Scottish Labour Party: Stage 3

Alec Oattes, Scottish National Party (SNP): Stage 3

The percentage poll was 42.88%, with 3,396 valid papers and 31 rejected papers.