Continued problems at Girvan Harbour facilities

The Girvan Harbour facilities has suffered many issues since opening in July.
The Girvan Harbour facilities has suffered many issues since opening in July.

Three months after a much heralded opening ceremony problems remain with the Girvan Harbour Facilities on a wide range of issues.

The building which is operated by Ayrshire Roads and South Ayrshire Council was hugely praised upon its opening on July 17.

With a new office for the harbour master, public toilets and new rest facilities for fisherman and yachtsman South Ayrshire Council were quick to praise the new facility as a further boost to the harbour.

However, there remains no shortage of problems at the facility none more so than the fact that a lease has still NOT been signed between South and East Ayrshire Council for the building leaving confusion as to who is ultimately responsible for the facility.

Senior sources involved with the facility have also alerted the Gazette to the fact there is still no phoneline or internet set up in the building leaving the Girvan harbourmaster still working out of his old office to carry out many of his duties.

Until last week remarkably there was also no Belfast sink in the building facilities to allow cleaners to use it to fill up buckets of water before the Gazette witnessed workers installing one last week.

However, bosses insist these issues have not affected the running of the Harbour Facility which has also seen problems with its public toilets with some of them not working for periods of time.

Stewart Turner, head of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: “Girvan Harbour Facility is already making a big difference to the lives of harbour fishermen and pontoon users. There are some on going discussions on finalising the agreement, but this has not affected the running of the facility.”

Mr Turner couldn’t give a firm date on when the issues of the lack of telephone and broadband would be resolved, only saying they would be sorted out for the start of the spring sailing season.

“The Harbour Master is based at the new Harbour Master office and has been since it was opened. There have been some technical issues with the installation of the telephone line and broadband connections but these will be resolved in advance of spring 2016 and the start of the new sailing 

“In the meantime, the Harbour Master can be contacted using his mobile phone which is generally the best way to contact him as he is often away from the office.

“The Belfast sink was an additional request to supplement the yachting laundry facility and it has nothing to do with improving the water supply.”

Mike Newall, Head of Neighbourhood Services, South Ayrshire Council added: “The facility is an important part of the investment in Girvan Harbour and although there are some outstanding issues, the facility has been working well. We are attracting around 500 vessels a year to the improved pontoons and the Girvan Harbour Facility has an important role to play catering for these visitors as well as local fisherman.”