Cottage dispute escalates

Janet Perrie with one of her dogs.
Janet Perrie with one of her dogs.

A dispute over a tenancy of a house near Girvan has escalated to the point of interesting the national press and even a telelvision documentary team.

Landlord Colin Burns says the tenant of Dipple Cottage near Girvan, Janet Perrie, owes him £2500 in rent arrears and keeps more than 30 dogs at the property.

Mr Burns says the back 
garden of the property has been “destroyed” and he has called environmental health officers at South Ayrshire Council to the property on numerous 

Neighbours have claimed that there is excessive noise and piles of dog excrement at the rented cottage.

Mr Burns also claims there is dog hair, urine and faeces all over the cottage and that it will have to be fumigated.

He says he has served the tenant with two notices to quit the property but both have been ignored.

Mr Burns said: “I have served them with two notices to quit and both of them have been disregarded. I want people to know that people can move into a property in Scotland and not pay any rent.

“They have destroyed the back garden of the property and are about to be evicted. They owe £2500 in rent arrears.”

However, Mrs Perrie disputed Mr Burns’ version of events, saying that she kept 22 Rottweiller dogs as show dogs, most of which were over eight years old.

She added that she had paid the rent on the property and added that she had bank statements to prove it.

Mrs Perrie said that Mr Burns knew how many dogs were being brought to the 
property and had signed a pre-contract agreement

She said: “It’s a vitriolic hate campaign against us. If there is a problem you try to sort it out like adults – not the way we’ve been treated.

“The say the dogs are disruptive and messy but they only get out for a couple of hours in the morning and they don’t bark or make noise.

“We have 22 dogs, 14 of which are over eight years old.

“The dogs are just used as an excuse. The real reason they don’t want us here is because they think we’re gay. We don’t need to justify ourselves to anyone, but we live here as friends.

“This has impacted on our health, our social life and our finances. We are not in rent arrears, but they have had our housing benefit stopped. However, I have the bank statements to give to South Ayrshire Council that prove we are not in rent arrears.

“We have had numerous 
visits from environmental health but there has never been any issue with the dogs or with the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.”

Perrie was jailed for 22 months in 2009 after she 
embezzled £131,000 from the Tory party, where she was a political assistant.

A production team from Channel 5 television station were at the house yesterday (Tuesday) discussing the 
making of a documentary