Council agrees development plan for decade

South Ayrshire Council has agreed a draft Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) – an agreement between local community planning partnerships and the Scottish Government on priorities for service delivery for the coming ten years.

The draft will now be submitted to the Scottish Government for consideration, with further consultation and refinement to be agreed in the coming months.

The themes were positively received and adopted by the community planning partnership.

Councillor Alec Clark said this week that he had tabled an amendment to have plans for development at Ballantrae taken out of the agreement, but this was not succesful. He said he had tried to uphold the views of locals. That decision will now go to the Scottish Government’s reporter.

The council said it set out to confirm the priorities and outcomes identified by the council and CPP were consistent with the views of the public and communities through the Your South Ayrshire campaign.

Leader of South Ayrshire Council, councillor Bill McIntosh said: “Approving the draft SOA is a major milestone for the council and is a direct reflection on how well our residents and local communities have supported and engaged with us in getting to this point.

“I’d like to thank every single person who came along, filled in a survey, took part in an engagement event or made their voice heard during the Your South Ayrshire campaign.

“The messages that came back from people were clear: develop the economy, create jobs, improve town centres and boost leisure facilities, and these expectations have been built directly into the SOA.”

A series of ward-based community events, leaflets, an online survey and a mobile consultation unit offered residents across South Ayrshire an opportunity for their voice to be heard.

In total, 668 people took part and one of the recurring themes was that the council needed to match planning processes more closely with the SOA.

The Council Business Plan for 2013-16 will now be directly shaped by the SOA and presented to elected members in June 2013.

The SOA is subject to final comment from the community planning partners and from the Scottish Government.

Councillor McIntosh concluded: “Most importantly, we will make sure the way we feed back and engage with the CPP, the community and our residents is clearer, more consistent and more accountable.”