Council apologises for removing tributes from baby graves

SOUTH Ayrshire Council has given a public apology to around 40 bereaved parents and families for the removal of mementos from a memorial garden for stillborn babies.

A meeting was organised by the Friends of Ayr Baby Memorial Garden – an informal group of bereaved parents, SANDS (the stillbirth and neonatal death charity) and South Ayrshire Council – on Monday night, after concerns were raised about South Ayrshire Council’s apparent removal of memorial items from babies’ graves.

Monday’s meeting was chaired by the council’s Head of Neighbourhood Services, Mike Newall, who agreed the council had made a mistake in removing items from the memorial garden that should have been left in place.

On behalf of the Council and to all those affected, we are truly sorry for any upset and distress caused,” he said.

“The loss of a baby or child is unimaginable to many of us and we are committed to ensuring that those who have endured such a loss have the opportunity to pay their respects and remember their child in a way that’s personal and meaningful to them.”