Council calls on road users to make views known

South Ayrshire Council is calling on residents, particularly road users, to make their views and ideas known on how best to improve road safety in the area through a consultation exercise on its local road safety plan.

The council’s plan builds on recommendations from a Scottish Government document ‘Road Safety Framework to 2020; It’s Everyone’s Responsibility’ which included new and ambitious targets to help local authorities, their partners and individuals to maintain the downward trend of road casualties and accidents.

The vision of the Road Safety Framework is for ‘A steady reduction in the numbers of those killed and those seriously injured, with the ultimate vision of a future where no-one is killed on Scotland’s roads, and the injury rate is much reduced.’

South Ayrshire Council is adopting the Government’s priorities but wants to shape road safety planning by making sure that public opinion is fully considered.

Councillor Rita Miller, Chair of the Community Safety Partnership said: “We want to make sure we have safer roads for all road users - cyclists, equestrians, car drivers, pedestrians, new drivers, visitors to the area – anyone who has a voice on road use in South Ayrshire.

“We’re now working on our own local road safety plan to meet the challenges of the Government’s document and it’s important that people have a say in how best we can proceed with our efforts to reduce accidents and lower casualty rates on our roads.

“The plan provides the basis for further reductions in injuries resulting from collisions on the road. We believe that almost all collisions and their resultant injuries are avoidable.

“Road safety and casualty reduction is everyone’s responsibility and we will all work together for a future where no one is killed and the injury rate is much reduced on our roads.”

“Please take the time to fill in the survey. It only takes a few minutes but it needs to be completed by Tuesday 23 April 2013.”

members of the public can take part at: