Council inspecting headstones in Girvan and Maybole

South Ayrshire Council is inspecting gravestones and headstone memorials within Girvan and Maybole cemeteries from this month as part of an ongoing programme of work to ensure all cemeteries provide a safe, dignified and peaceful environment.

The inspections are designed to identify any unsafe gravestones or headstone memorials, which could have the potential to cause injury, so they can then be made safe.

Assessments are carried out carefully by a dedicated and qualified safety team with many years’ experience who work in line with industry standards – this involves a visual assessment as well as two physical tests.

The team will make safe – on a temporary basis – any headstones assessed as ‘unstable’ and contact the lair owner, who will then need to arrange a permanent repair.

For further information on the programme contact 01292 382372 or email