Council set to consult pblic on more cuts

South Ayrshire Council is set to consult the public on £1.6m of cuts - at the same time as rubber stamping £4.75m worth of cuts to vital services.

The moves were agreed by a meeting of the full council last Thursday meaning that over £9m is set to be slashed from public services between 2016/17 and 2018/19.

Vital services such as schools, elderly care and even service charges for burying loved ones are on the agenda.

The council has insisted it will listen to the public on the £1.6m cuts plan which includes proposals to axe £600,000 from nursing and residential care, £500,000 to review the support for unscheduled care to the elderly, and £150,000 taken from school’s Curriculum for Excellence budgets.

In a bid to raise much needed revenue, the council is planning to hit people with increased charges to bury and cremate loved ones, whilst there are also plans to increase charges for swimming lessons whilst at the same time there will be a reduction in primary school swimming lessons.

More rural schools in Carrick could soon be sharing head teachers as the council bids to save £25,000 whilst charges of between £10-£50 are earmarked to be introduced for pre-application planning advice.

Cuts already voted through by the council on Thursday include £100,000 from transport provision for special needs pupils between 2016-18, £800,000 from support for people with learning disabilities and 2017/18 is set to see £100,000 axed from day care services for the elderly as part of a re-design.

Changes to working hours of refuse workers is also set to bring about £75,000 in savings for the council with another £80,000 in savings coming with a change to bin collections.

The council also approved £4.55m of cuts in December 2014.