Council uphold decision

SOUTH Ayrshire Council has sacked three staff members and given two final warnings after claims of breaches of policies and procedures in June of this year.

Five council staff were dismissed after a probe three months ago into the waste management service.

And last Tuesday afternoon, following their dismissal in June, the local authority’s internal disciplinary process upheld allegations of malpractice in all five cases.

The employees’ appeals were heard by the council’s Appeals Panel.

As a result, three employees remain dismissed, with the employment of the remaining two re-instated under condition of receiving a final written warning, together with a period of suspension without pay.

David Anderson, chief executive of South Ayrshire Council, said: “We will not tolerate any malpractice that impacts on our ability to deliver the best possible service to the people of South Ayrshire and today’s decisions confirm that commitment.”

It was reported that two senior employees were escorted from the council’s headquarters following allegations of mismanagement, bullying and harassment said to have come from workers at the cleansing department in Walker Road, Ayr.