Counting sleep: the 30 day plan that adds up to a better night

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Counting sheep may be a time-honoured way to nod off but, according to The Sleep Council, there are other crucial numbers Brits need to know to get a better night’s rest.

The top sleep facts and statistics, compiled by experts at The Sleep Council, shed light on issues many people face and also aim to signpost sleep-strugglers to try out the new 30 Day Better Sleep Plan (

This free, self-help, personalised online tool has been devised by experts to help those wanting to improve their sleep and prevent more serious and prolonged issues.

Said Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council: “Sleep problems are widespread and, for some, lack of sleep could easily be fixed with some minor lifestyle or habit changes.

“By sharing some top sleep facts and figures we want to highlight how a personalised 30 Day Better Sleep Plan can help people to boost their sleep - a natural, free and effective way to improve health and well-being.”


1 hour - Research shows that sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can rob you of up to ONE hour’s sleep per night.

4 - There are FOUR stages of sleep and to wake up refreshed we must experience each stage: non-rapid eye movement NREM1 and NREM2 (light sleep), NREM3 (deep sleep) and REM (rapid eye movement sleep) the stage at which we dream.

5 hours - More than one in 10 Brits sleep for less than fivehours a night.

7 years - Sleep is enhanced by a comfortable bed and most beds should be replaced after around seven years.

11pm - Men (53%) are more likely than women (42%) to go to sleep after 11pm.

16-18 °C - This is believed to be an ideal temperature in a bedroom. Hot, cold and draughty rooms can seriously impact on your sleep.

18 - The number of questions used to create the 30 Day Better Sleep Plan. Areas covered include bed times, alcohol consumption and pre-bedtime routines.

20 minutes - If you’re not asleep after 20 minutes, find a quiet activity to do like listening to music, reading or yoga. Stay clear of phones or digital devices.

30 days - Create and follow The 30 Day Better Sleep Plan and track improvements in your sleep using The Sleep Council’s sleep diary.

200cm - This is the length of a super king bed - and bed size matters when it comes to getting a good night. Two people sharing a standard double bed have only as much personal sleeping space as a baby in a cot.

Added Lisa Artis: “Taking note of these numbers and creating a personalised 30 Day Better Sleep Plan can add up to a good night’s sleep and help to avoid a minor issue escalating into something more serious, such as chronic insomnia.”

The 30 Day Better Sleep Plan aims to help those who are starting to struggle with sleep, not those with deep routed sleep problems or work shifts. The questions focus on a person’s average night and are suitable for most age groups.

To create a 30 Day Better Sleep Plan, visit