Covenanter headstone reinstated

A covenanter’s headstone which was removed from Barr kirkyard is to be reinstalled in a ceremony on Wednesday 21 May.

The headstone of Edward McKeen was removed without permission by the Scottish Convenanters Memorial Association several months ago.

But thanks to some great detective work from South Ayrshire Council the stone has now been replaced and the community’s ceremony will now thank them and the association for the work they have done.

Starting at 12.30pm next Wednesday the ceremony will see the headstone put back in its old resting place.

The Community Council and local villagers will also take the time to thank Lizzie Linton of South Ayrshire who has worked tirelessly for the village in recovering the headstone.

And thanks will also be given to conservator Graciela Ainsworth who has also done an exemplary job throughout the last few months.