Girvan man jailed for life for murder of father of four

John Kiltie
John Kiltie

A vicious thug, who stabbed a father of four to death after a row over his phoning the police, has been jailed for life and told he will have to serve at least 19 years in prison before being able to apply for parole.

Twenty-seven year old Adam Lundy was found guilty after trial at the High Court in Edinburgh last month of assaulting and murdering 44-year old John Kiltie in Park Road, Girvan, on May 28 this year.

Sentencing Lundy today (December 15) judge, Lady Scott, told him: “This was a wicked and reckless attack. His family have been left utterly devastated and bereft. I will set the punishment part of the sentence at 19 years”.

Mr Kiltie, a driver with Stagecoach had been asked by his partner, 38-year old Sharon Tweedie, to contact the police about noisy behaviour coming from a flat across the road from their home which had been going on from the previous evening, throughout the night, into the following morning. Ms Tweedie had been concerned that there was a four-year old child in the flat.

The police attended, but left after a short while after finding there was no child in the property. It was then that the trouble started. The female tenant of the flat began shouting across the road calling Mr Kiltie “a police grass” and urging an 18-year old youth, Kern Allison, to “Go and do him (Kiltie) in”. Allison threw a beer can at Mr Kiltie, who was cleaning his car prior to taking the family to Ayr for the day. The can hit the roof of the car, denting it, and then struck Mr Kiltie on the head, exploding and showering him with beer. Ms Tweedie went over to speak to the woman and Mr Kiltie went to confront Allison.

The jury had heard how Mr Kiltie was attacked in the rear garden of the house, being punched and kicked by Allison and Lundy and stabbed by Lundy four times, the fatal blow penetrating his heart.

Ms Tweedie told the court that Kern Allison and Adam Lundy appeared from the back garden and she heard Allison say: “We have to go. We’ve done him in” and they ran off.

“I went to the back door” she said. “John’s mum was kneeling next to John, who was lying on the ground. There was lots of blood on his chest”.

After the jury had returned their verdicts of guilty of assault and murder for Lundy and assault only for Allison, who having spent the equivalent of 10 months in detention, was admonished,

Advocate depute Tim Niven-Smith told Lady Scott, that Lundy was “a violent recidivist with a predilection for carrying weapons”. In 2007, he had been convicted of assaults to severe injury and permanent disfigurement using a bottle, a golf club and a knife. In November 2014, he was jailed for causing injury with a knife, and most recently, while he was on bail prior to his trial for the murder of Mr Kiltie, he was sentenced for possession of a knife and carrying out racially aggravated assaults on two people. That sentence to expire in August 2017.

Defence advocate, Thomas Ross, told Lady Scott that Lundy suffered from mental health problems. He had been assessed by a clinical psychologist as having suffered from an extremely traumatic event as a child.

“He has been unable to cope and has self-medicated on alcohol and drugs”, he said. Lundy’s family, he added, had shunned him. “They have mostly turned their backs on him.”