Snow so easy for Girvan criminals

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two bungling would-be burglars were caught last week after Mother Nature assisted Girvan police officers in tracing their ‘safe house’.

The home of an elderly woman in the town had been targeted by the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ bunglers.

But she heard them inside her property and called the police.

After the crooked couple were scared off, police were able to track their footprints from the crime scene back through the fresh snow to their own home.

And now the officers hope their capture will enda worrying spate of sneak-in thefts in recent weeks during which the elderly have been prime targets.

Carrick’s police chief, Inspector Andy Clapperton, was delighted at having been able to finally capture the culprits.

He said: “There have been a number of sneak-in thefts in the Girvan area recently during the early hours of the morning.

“Most victims have been elderly residents who have inadvertently left their premises insecure prior to retiring to bed.

“During the early hours of last Saturday morning, one elderly lady was asleep within her bedroom when she was disturbed by two persons rumaging about within her home.

“She immediately phoned for the police. However, on their arrival the criminals had fled from the scene.”

Police had called for support from the dog unit in their efforts to trace the criminals.

Ironically, it was held up by the snow, which had made driving conditions awful.

Inspector Clapperton said: “The police search dog was requested.

“However it had been snowing heavily and therefore the dog unit was unable to attend due to the treacherous road conditions.

“The local police officers, therefore, decided to attempt their own tracking and followed distinctive footprints on the virgin snow which they tracked for a considerable distance...and right to the criminals’ front door.”

He added: “Following their massive ‘dumb and dumber’ blunder the two locals, a male and a female, were arrested and are due to appear at Ayr Sheriff Court on Monday morning on a number of sneak in theft charges committed in the Girvan area over recent weeks.”

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