Crohn’s sufferer thanks helpers with concert in Maybole

PLUCKY South Ayrshire schoolboy Cameron Kelly was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 10.

He has since required the assistance of Yorkhill Hospital in controlling his condition.

Cameron is an active young lad playing badminton, tennis and of course football, at which he represents his school. He is also in the Boys Brigade and church bible class.

The youngster felt that he wanted to repay his friends at Yorkhill for all their care - and that was where mum Elizabeth, a music teacher, came in.

When Cameron approached her for fund-raising suggestions she offered to hold a concert involving a group for whom she is musical director, “Hugh and Friends”, well known across South Ayrshire.

They readily agreed to the proposal but insisted Elizabeth also recruit Jenna and Bethany Reid, supremely talented Shetland fiddlers who have close ties to Maybole. They were happy to be involved and, with Elizabeth’s Ayr Academy choir, make up a very varied programme.

The concert will take place on Thursday, April 28, at 7.30pm in the Baptist Church, Maybole, which has kindly been given free for the occasion.

Tickets are £5 and £2 and can be bought in Cameron’s Hardware, June Dunlop, florist, or from any member of the group.

David Kiltie, chairman of Maybole Community Council, said he was delighted to see theconcert going ahead as it could raise the profile of Crohn’s disease locally.

He had asked Ayrshire and Arran Health Board if there were higher than average levels of the disease and related problems in Maybole.

Although it seems that the data is currently unavailable, a new local initiative may capture the details when it is launched.