Dailly primary school

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Plans which will see a new school fit for the 21st century built in Dailly have been revealed to the public at an open event in the village.

An open event was held in the current primary school on Thursday 28 August which allowed the community the opportunity to see the plans for the new school.

The new school will meet the needs of all learners and the aim of the new project is to deliver a school that will deliver first class learning and teaching facilities for the 21st century and beyond.

It is also hoped that the new school project will develop plans in the school grounds which will create exciting and pleasant areas for social interaction and the delivery of outdoor learning.

South Ayrshire Council have been working with the school over the last few months to help understand the views and aspirations of the parents, pupils, staff and the wider community as to what they want from the new school.

The feedback that has been received from the consultation has helped to form the design process for the new village school and architects have now reached a stage where they are able to share them publicly.

Regular updates about the new school project will be made available on the school’s website, www.dailly.sayr.sch.uk.

The new school project in Dailly has been years in the making with workshops and meetings being held with the community as far back as 2009.

However, work is now set to get underway to transform education in Dailly.