Dailly’s seasonal vandalism shock

THE FESTIVE season may have been and gone but, for Dailly, Christmas 2012 will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Residents were left distressed on Christmas morning when it emerged the village’s seasonal decorations had been vandalised overnight. And thanks to the yobs’ actions, Dailly’s festive finery will be no more.

Dailly Christmas Project, a small committee of volunteers dedicated to producing illuminations worthy of the village’s Christmas cheer, began adorning Dailly with advent items 12 years ago.

And while they have pledged to continue fundraising for Christmas features to mount on lamp-posts, and to keep running a pantomime for the village children, members have been forced to quash the Christmas lights and tree due to concerns for public safety.

“By trashing the lights the vandals are messing with electricity,” Christmas Project secretary Karen Traynor explained.

“Our fear is that they will end up electrocuting themselves, and we don’t want to be responsible for that.”

Karen said the decision to suspend Dailly’s holiday trappings was taken reluctantly.

“Everyone this year has commented on how nice our lights were. We have had super feedback,” she said.

“It is a great shame that a few mindless vandals will cause disappointment for the rest of the community, both young and old, From everybody the reaction has been shock and anger.”

Police enquiries regarding the vandalism of Dailly’s decorations are ongoing, and anyone with any information should contact Constable Stuart Knowles at Girvan Police Office, 4 Montogomerie Street, or on 01465 715314.