Dailly student with a passion for writing

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A Dailly man is hoping his work on a new magazine founded by a fellow Ayrshire College student will help him gain employment in the creative industries.

Stephen Connelly has been contributing to Film and Broadcasting student Ashleigh Mitchell’s new online magazine ‘Opinion Matters’.

Inspired after reading a Scottish fashion blog on WordPress, Ashleigh decided she wanted to share her own passion for live music and sought like-minded writers with an advert on Gumtree.

Opinion Matters will operate as a professional publication, with specific topics and deadlines, and so far has seen volunteers from as a far as Spain getting in touch, whilst another volunteer is currently working for the BBC. As the magazine grows, Ashleigh hopes to pursue advertising opportunities to raise revenue which can be reinvested in the venture.

Ashleigh said: “It is my ambition to work in music journalism and having tangible evidence will give me a great opportunity to show prospective employers what I can do. I would love to work as an intern at the BBC but I know competition for only 10 positions per year is intense. Through this magazine I hope to share my love of writing and improve my career opportunities by building on the feature and creative writing skills I’m learning at Ayrshire College.”

Film and Broadcasting student, and magazine contributor, Steven Connelly, aged 30, said: “Musicals and dramas are great passions of mine. I decided to get involved to gain writing experience which will help me gain employment as a writer in the creative industries. Working with Ashleigh has been great and contributing to her magazine has added a whole new dimension to my college experience.”

Julie Thorne, Curriculum Leader for Visual Arts said: “The NQ Film & Broadcasting programme is very broad ranging and has something for everyone including studying film, radio, comic books, and script and feature writing. Students were asked to created blogs in the feature writing class, but Ashleigh took this further and started her own online magazine. Not only is she creating her own work experience, she’s giving others the chance to publish their work.”

To contribute, writers can contact Opinion Matters via ashleighmitchell1991.wordpress.com