Damp problem resolution

A LONG-STANDING damp problem for one Dailly resident appears to have been finally resolved.

Main Street resident, Mr Ian Sharkey’s property was damaged when the old Kings Arms public house burned down.

However, the condition of his home continued to deteriorate as the old pub was allowed to rot away by its former owner.

The damage got so bad that he has been unable to use the upstairs bedroom in his home as the gable wall has been plagued with dampness and leaking since the fire.

Councillor John McDowall has been working with council officers to try help Mr Sharkey to restore his house to its former condition.

First of all the former building, which had become a major eyesore in the village, had to be demolished and has been.

Mr McDowall explained: “This has been a long standing issue in Dailly for many years now since the public house burned down.

“The shell of the building has continued to deteriorate over this time and has turned into a nightmare for the owner of the adjoining property at 105 Main Street Dailly, Mr Ian Sharkey, who has been unable to use the upstairs bedrooms of his property because of the damage to the exposed gable end wall which adjoins his house, which has led to dampness and water penetration to the rooms.

“I have been working with Ian and officers from the Council’s Building Standards department over the last few years to try and resolve this and was successful in having the building demolished earlier this year, at some cost to the council.

“I am grateful to council officers who were able to work their way through the complex legal issues which arose from the previous owner’s refusal to accept their responsibility for the condition of the building.”

With the demolition of the run down building, Mr McDowall and Mr Sharkey will meet with council officers to tackle the damge to his home.

Mr McDowall continued: “However there remains the problem of work still to be done to the gable end wall to make this safe and I am pleased to say that the council will be carrying out work soon to address this and I hope to meet with Mr Sharkey and council officers this week to discuss the remedial work to be done.

“It has taken a long time to get to this point but I am hopeful that we can now finally resolve this matter and bring this nightmare to an end for Mr Sharkey, and he can once again enjoy full use of his property.”