Dark Sky Park glamping dome

Galloway Forest Park dark Sky
Galloway Forest Park dark Sky

A council official refused a bid for a glamping dome outside Straiton because it would be too isolated and could spark a rush for ad-hoc camping sites.

That decision was appealed and the plan landed back in front of the council’s Local Review Body last week who agreed to approve the planning application as long as certain conditions are adhered to.  

Christopher McCrindle plans to erect a large dome for posh camping at a cottage outside Straiton, located within the Dark Sky Park which offers top stargazing. 

A planning officer branded the site at Tallaminoch Cottage as “isolated” from other developments adding that it could lead to a “proliferation of other sporadic, isolated and scattered tourist developments”.

Mr McCrindle described the location of the site as “exceptionally unique” as it is one of the few properties to sit within the Dark Sky Park in South Ayrshire. He said: “I firmly believe this application would benefit the Dark Sky Park and the surrounding area, creating a unique tourist experience within South Ayrshire making the most of the assets the area has.”

The Local Review Body chair said: “My question would have been can’t we fit in two glamping domes?”

Councillor Ian Cavana said: “People are trying to attract tourists to the area through the Dark Sky Park. I think the application should be considered on its merit.”

Councillor Peter Convery slammed the refusal reasoning as “ludicrous” adding “I don’t believe for a second there would be a tsunami of people wanting to do this too.”