Dealing with problems on life’s journey

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I wonder how often you moan or complain about something in the course of a week?

Often when life does not go the way that we want it to, we are often quick to get angry and even to blame somebody else for this happening. Many of us tend to expect to get through each week without having to encounter 
anything which upsets our plans.

But one of the realities of life is that no matter how much planning we may put into any activity, there will often be unforeseen circumstances which arise and which might mean that our original plans need to be changed. One of the skills that we have to try to cultivate is to become adaptable. To rethink what it is that we are trying to achieve and perhaps try and reach our objectives in a slightly different way from the one that we originally intended.

When things don’t go to plan we are often apt to criticise God. And when things go well for us, we are often rather slow to thank Him.

When I was at Primary School we had a school badge which was a picture of Mary and the baby Jesus on a boat. There was also a word on the badge- persevere – which was also the theme of our School Song. This meant that persevere was a word that I was introduced to at quite a young age. It is a word that I have tried to put into practice whenever I can – and which I certainly had to enact when it came to passing O grade Latin and learning to drive!

What is important in the end, is how we deal with any problems that we have to encounter on life’s journey.