December was not the wettest, despite deluge

DESPITE what seems to have been an endless deluge, Carrick’s December failed to make the record books as total rainfall remained below average, according to Ballantrae readings.

Despite the UK as a whole experiencing its wettest December in nearly 35 years, and Scotland seeing rain 45 per cent above average, readings in Ballantrae indicated rainfall was just over 12mm less than the 16-year average of 180mm.

Ballantrae weather watcher George Watt said rainfall in 2012, however, was 90mm above average at 1625.9mm – although he claimed 2011 was much wetter.

Carrick residents also had a slightly warmer Christmas season than normal, with the mean temperature measuring 4.5 degrees celsius – just a little above the average for the last 12 years of 4.31 degrees. The highest temperature was 11.8 degrees on December 22, all but dashing any hope of a white Christmas, and the lowest was -4.6 degrees early on December 11.

But 2012 was a colder year than average, according to Mr Watt’s readings. The mean temperature was 9.08 degrees – below the 11-year average of 9.57 degrees – and only 2010 was colder, he said.

The highest temperature was 27.8 degrees on May 25, and the lowest -4.6 degrees on April 5 and December 11.