Deer rutting season begins in Scotland

Red deer stag
Red deer stag

It is now autumn and temperatures are plummeting, but in woodlands across Scotland, things are just hotting up.

October to early November is the peak of the red deer rutting season and the clash of antlers will be heard for miles around as Britain’s largest land animals battle for dominance and for the female herd.

One of the best places to hear the impressive roaring and clashing in Scotland this autumn is Galloway Forest Park; with their specialised red deer range and knowledgeable rangers, there is a chance to experience the dramatic scenes up close.

Hugh Gunning, red deer ranger at Galloway Forest Park commented: “There is something magical about Galloway Forest Park at this time of year. The deer are truly spectacular creatures and it is amazing being able to show people the rutting season up close and explain exactly what is going on.”

There are lots events taking place this autumn which take you closer to the action, many of which are free: Roaring stags event, Sunday 6th October, 10am - Watch the drama of the rut unfold at the Red Deer Range. Get fantastic views of Red Deer Stags at this very important time in their annual calendar.

Rutting week; Monday 7th - Friday 11th October; Join our friendly staff for this informal chat in the wildlife hide at the Red Deer Range. Drop in anytime between 11am and 12noon. See these magnificent mammals during the rut and discover what other wildlife to look out during Autumn. (Free); Mon 14th - Fri 18th and Mon 21st - Fri 25th October; 11am and 12noon, red deer hide.