Delays to demolition of Girvan’s McConnell Square

McConnell Square in Girvan
McConnell Square in Girvan

A Girvan building which should have been demolished by the end of this month is now facing delays.

And the council have said one of the reasons for the delay is their strict recycling targets must be met on the waste materials being used.

McConnell Square in the town’s Montgomerie Street was earmarked for demolition at a council Leadership Panel meeting in April last year.

Girvan and South Carrickcouncillor Alec Clark raised concerns at the plans saying that he believed there was a demand for one bedroom properties in the Girvan area and that not enough time had be given to carry out a feasibility study.

However, his concerns weren’t supported by the now defunct Community Services and Standing Scrutiny Panel and plans were agreed for a demolition by March 2015.

That is now subject to delays though and the council have put no firm date on when the building will be demolished despite insisting it will happen in 2015.

Council bosses say that residents in the nearby Hillcrest care home, which has also been threatened with closure in the past, will not need to be moved into temporary accomodation during the works.

David Burns, South Ayrshire Council’s Head of Housing and Facilities said: “An element of design work is required to ensure that the demolition does not cause any structural difficulties the remaining building while there is a need to ensure that tough recycling targets for waste materials are met from this demolition process. Demolition will still go ahead this year and materials will be crushed for re-use in other projects.

“More importantly, demolition will not require residents in the linked Hillcrest residential care home to be moved to temporary accommodation and their safety and wellbeing will be paramount as this project moves forward.”