Depot used as dump

The yard where the concerns centre around.
The yard where the concerns centre around.

Environmental health and building standards officers have been called to a site in Girvan after local residents raised concerns over dumping.

Insulation work is being done on various houses in the Glendoune area to make homes more energy efficient through an energy grants scheme.

However residents have raised concerns about vans dumping old furniture and building materials in a nearby depot with materials being blown around fields and streets without being cleaned up.

The main contractor for the work is Osborne Energy Limited from Hastings in East Sussex, but it is understood that there are subcontractors carrying out the work.

Osborne Energy say that any issues identified concerning the insulation work have been identified and will be rectified immediately, but that the problems at the depot site are outwith their control.

A spokeswoman for the firm said that the contractor they used for the work may have subcontracted it.

Councillor Alec Clark said: “I have taken this matter up on behalf of the residents who have various issues with a particular company. I have taken various issues forward with the council.

“I know that the environmental health department and trading standards are going to be involved and they are having an inspection on the site this week.

“It was my hope that building standards would be involved to make sure concerns are addressed and building regulations are adhered to and I would hope that would be the case.”

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “They’ve been there since before Christmas, they’ve been dumping couches, old mattresses and old tables. I spoke to the foreman and just got verbal abuse.”

A spokeswoman for Osborne Energy said: “Our involvement comes from the fact that we funded the solid wall insulation work but what’s going on at the depot is outwith our control.

“That said, that doesn’t mean we are very happy about what’s been going on there.

“As much as we would like to step in we can’t as we have used a contractor but we think they may have sub-contracted the work.

“As regards the work on the homes, we are doing everything we can in terms of the main contract. Our senior technical officer, who originally identified the problems made sure that the contractor was notified. Our inspector will be going back to the site and will have a joint inspection with councillor Clark to make sure that everything which we were asked to fix has been fixed. Our chairman is hoping to go as well.

“We have very good relations in Scotland and the issues with the work are very important to us because they can affect people’s quality of life. The issues with the depot are beyond our control at the moment but they will promptly form parts of conversations we will have with people.”