Dim streetlight idea for Barrhill

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A trial project to dim street lighting in Ayr is to be extended to other areas including Barrhill.

The council say the trial has delivered significant financial savings, noticeably lowered energy use and received positive comments from local residents.

Variable 140 watt metal halide lights were installed on Holmston Road in March, replacing the 250 watt high pressure sodium lamps already in use there.

The new lights were then dimmed between midnight and 6am during British Winter Time and between 1am and dawn during British Summer Time.

Results from the trial showed that the council would save an average of £3,200 on running the new lights on Holmston Road every year, based on current energy prices. As energy prices are set to rise, those savings could be greater.

Councillor Peter Convery, Portfolio Holder for Sustainability and the Environment said: “South Ayrshire Council has 20,000 street lights and changes in bulb manufacture and technology mean we can vary light levels on streets at different times, resulting in substantial cash savings.

“Installing variable street lighting makes sense at a number of levels.”

The council now plans to replace the sodium lighting on 25 streets in Ayr, Dundonald, Prestwick and Troon and further trials of the variable lighting idea will go ahead in Barrhill (Gowlands Terrace and Main Street).

Remaining trials at Shawfarm Road and Annbank are also planned.