Dogs ill after beach walks

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Warnings have been issued about an unnamed danger on South Ayrshire beaches after vets practices reported a number of dogs becoming ill after visiting the sands.

Vets started seeing dogs brought in with paralysis-type symptoms in mid-October. All dogs have since recovered and no further cases have been reported.

A council spokesman said: “We’re aware that a number of dogs have become unwell on the beach and although there is no obvious reason for this we’ve been liaising with SEPA to identify any potential issues.

“As a precaution, signage has been put in place to ask dog owners to keep their pets on the lead.”

Local vets have seen cases of dogs becoming ill after being walked on beaches from Girvan to Prestwick and one theory is that it could be toxic waste being washed ashore from tankers dumping waste into the water off the South Ayrshire coast.

One South Ayrshire resident asked; “What are they dumping into the water? We found loads of dead fish, dead birds and dead crabs – nothing is really living.

“Something is happening for sure.”

Environment agency SEPA said it was aware of a “number of dogs becoming unwell” but said there were “no known reports of pollution or incidents which might have impacted the beach area”.