Don’t clog our drains

Scottish Water has appealed to residents in Minishant to help reduce the risk of blockages in the waste water network.

Engineers have had to clear chokes in the local waste water network caused by items such as sanitary towels, cotton buds, facial wipes and baby wipes being flushed down toilets and into the network of pipes.

Local people are being asked to help by bagging and binning such items rather than flushing them down their toilets.

Engineers have also noticed accumulations of cooking fat in the network and residents and businesses are being asked to dispose of fats, oils and grease responsibly, rather than pouring it down the sink or drain. This solidifies over time leading to sewer chokes.

In Scotland it is estimated that 340 million items of sanitary waste are flushed every year. Annually Scottish Water spends around £6 million trying to fix these blockages and repair the damage.

Scottish Water has also found that 55 per cent of all sewer blockages are caused by people disposing of cooking fat down their sink.

Mrs Charlene McBride, Scottish Water’s regional community manager for the area, said: “Scottish Water needs people to help us prevent chokes in pipes by ensuring they don’t flush these sorts of items down the toilet or down sinks or drains.

“Whether its fats and grease causing blockages or items of sanitary waste damaging sewer pipes and screens at our treatment works, the waste water system simply isn’t designed to cope with these things.

“This means waste can escape into the environment, not only risking public health, but also risking local wildlife.

“We want to reduce the risk of any problems with our infrastructure and local people can play their part by bagging and binning items such as sanitary towels and disposing of fats, oil and grease in a sealable container or Fat Trap along with their other household waste.

Scottish Water estimate over 300 million items of sanitary waste are flushed down Scottish toilets every year.

The waste water drain which runs from most houses is just four inches wide, and it’s only designed for human waste and toilet roll.

Anyone flushing items such as baby wipes down their toilet is risking a messy and costly blockage within their own home.