Drinking at Ladywell a threat to teams

GLASS in the grass is causing outrage at Maybole’s Ladywell Stadium, home of Maybole Juniors FC.

Committee members of the 66-year-old football club have been battling against vandalism at the Dailly Road ground for years, claiming the pitch has become a hub for underage drinking.

But with primary-school-aged children recently having been brought in to the Maybole football family with the establishment of a new youth team, they are saying enough is enough.

Figures associated with the Juniors say they are fighting a losing battle, with efforts to free the pitch from broken glass and to repair the chain link fence separating the ground from a neighbouring play park undone within only a matter of days.

“We repair it, they open it. It’s a Catch-22. We feel like we are flogging a dead horse,” said committee member of 18 years Billy Galloway, who lives only yards from Ladywell at Murray Gardens.

Mr Galloway said he regularly has his free time interrupted when he notices anti-social behaviour at Ladywell and personally heads over to break it up. But he admits incidents which he does not see or hear are increasing, with evidence only discovered later on, leaving him to coordinate a clean-up effort.

“We are a semi-professional side and, if our players cut a leg, that could be a career ruined for them. And if they cut an artery that could be a life ruined,” said Mr Galloway.

“We have under-sevens playing here now,” he added. “Can you imagine what would happen if one of the weans cut themselves on this stuff? Their future career could be seriously affected.”

Mr Galloway and his fellow committee members are hopeful that regular communication between themselves, the Carrick Crime Prevention Panel and local police – who have stepped up patrols in the area – will help reduce the dangerous activity.

“We do as much as we possibly can but it really is an ongoing problem,” he said.

The club has requested that anyone with information regarding the vandalism that is happening at Ladywell reports it to the local police by calling 01655 884488 for Maybole or 01465 715314 for Girvan.