Drunk tried to flush trousers down toilet

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A drunk man who tried to flush his trousers down the toilet at Stranraer police station appeared for sentencing at the sheriff court in the town this week.

Twenty-one-year old David Phillips had got drunk after his grandfather’s funeral, then continued drinking with pals, got into an argument with another man and finally arrived at the police station at around 11.30pm “screaming” at the officers on duty, said fiscal depute Gemma Hinds.

Phillips was arrested and then became obstructive. He told police he wanted to go to the toilet and was duly taken there after he had been searched. He then lay down on the floor of the bathroom and refused to get up before trying to flush his trousers down the toilet.

In mitigation, Phillips’s lawyer Paul Feeney said he had had “a traumatic day”, not helped by his excessive consumption of alcohol. After the accused got into a confrontation with a man he had previously been fighting with, he went to the police as he thought he had been the victim of a crime, said the solicitor.

This explained his obstructive behaviour, he added. Mr Feeney said this incident had brought Phillips down to earth with “a hefty crash” and he was now addressing his drinking.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly said he took into account his bereaved state before ordering him to complete a community payback order of 200 hours of unpaid work.