Eddie is Matt Dunnachie award winner

Eddie Glass is presented with the award
Eddie Glass is presented with the award

Eddie Glass, caretaker at Maybole Town Hall, is 2014 winner of the Matt Dunnachie Award.

The announcement came at the interval of Carrick Academy’s Christmas show in the Town Hall last and was a total surprise to the popular caretaker who was genuinely taken aback when he heard.

Councillor Brian Connolly was attending the concert and as convener of Carrick Sports Club made the announcement and presented the trophy and a ramed commemorative scroll to Eddie to great applause.

He told everyone that the trophy was given to the Sports Club by Mr Dunnachie’s family to be awarded on an annual basis to someone who has a track record of contributing to the community in Maybole.

“The award is not confined to members of the Club,” said Cllr Connolly, “but encompasses the whole town and its organisations. The sub-committee set up to decide who should win the trophy agreed that it would be appropriate that it should recognise people in the town who have worked away quietly in the background for the good of all.” He then outlined Eddie’s work in local schools and especially at the Town Hall.