Eighth Marquess of Ailsa passes away in Florida

The eighth Marquess of Ailsa who passed away in Florida last week.
The eighth Marquess of Ailsa who passed away in Florida last week.

There is sadness in Carrick this week with the news that Archibald Angus Charles Kennedy, the Eighth Marquess of Ailsa, has died.

The 58 year-old passed away whilst at the Central Floridan Highland Games in the US state on Thursday 15th January.

The Floridan Highland games was a Kennedy clan chief function, with the Marquess of Ailsa being chief of the clan Kennedy.

Born on 13 September 1956, he was the son of Archibald Kennedy, the seventh Marquess of Ailsa.

Charles Lord Kennedy, as he was commonly known, succeeded the titles of the eighth Marquess of Ailsa, the 19th Earl of Cassillis, the 21st Lord Kennedy and the eighth Baron of Ailsa following the death of his father in 1994.

He married Dawn Leslie Anne Keen in 1979 with whom he had two children, Lady Rosemary Margaret Kennedy who was born in 1979 and Lady Alicia-Jane Lesley Kennedy who was born in 1981. The couple divorced in 1989.

Charles Lord Kennedy is succeeded in his roles by his 56 year-old brother Lord David Thomas Kennedy, who becomes the ninth Marquess of Ailsa.

The Marquess of Ailsa title is derived from the island of Ailsa Craig, which Charles Lord Kennedy put up for sale in 2011. On their website the council of Scottish clans and associates described Lord Kennedy as an energetic supporter of the Scottish Clan and Family tradition as well as being someone who was loved by his own clansfolk.

They added that the death of the Marquess is a loss to all Scottish clansfolk across the globe and that their thoughts are with Lord Kennedy’s family at this time.