Election race heats up among Carrick candidates

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The election race in the Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock constituency is continuing to heat up with the general election now only 50 days away.

And this week saw politicians across the spectrum speaking out on a wide range of issues as they continue to bid for your votes on Thursday May 7.

Last week’s Gazette reported findings from a Lord Ashcroft poll which showed that Sandra Osborne MP is set to lose her seat to SNP candidate Corri Wilson.

In a sample of 1,000 voters in the consituency, the Tory peer found that Corri Wilson, who is a current councillor in South Ayrshire is leading by 11%.

Incumbent MP Sandra Osborne though has hit back at her challenger and opened up a campaign in Kyle Street in Ayr town centre on Saturday afternoon.

Ms Osborne also highlighted this week how motorists in the constituency are being punished by insurers unfair practices.

She has called on insurers to clean up their act and be up front with drivers who are renewing their policies after research found constituents are losing out in almost £2m of savings.

Meanwhile, SNP candidate Corri Wilson has condemned the Westminster government for their spending record on supporting children.

New figures from the House of Commons show that the proportion of GDP spent on child benefit stands at 0.6% which is the lowest level since before Margaret Thatcher came to power.

Corri Wilson said: “This is a clear demonstration of Westminster’s failure to act on child poverty. One in four children in this constituency are living in poverty, and it is estimated that up to 100,000 more children across Scotland risk being pushed into poverty by 2020.

“We cannot keep sitting back and allowing successive governments to keep chipping away at the benefits system. There is a complete lack of will amongst the Westminster establishment to tackle the increasing child poverty, which is being driven by their austerity agenda.”

Conservative candidate Lee Lyons visited the village of Straiton this week to highlight plans outlined by his party leader Ruth Davidson which would give communities more power over windfarm applications in their area.

The village of Straiton has been hit with many controversial windfarm applications in recent years and Mr Lyons took an opportunity to highlight Conservative plans that would mean the Scottish Government couldn’t overturn applications which had been rejected at a local level.

Sandra Osborne won the seat at the 2010 General Election with a majority close to 10,000.