No discounts on livestock feeds

The continued high costs of livestock feeds mean merchants no longer have stocks of materials available at discount, as many did last winter.

In the new 32nd edition of SAC’s Farm Management Handbook, the budgeted cost of feed and forage for beef finishers is 35 per cent higher than anticipated this time last year.

SAC Livestock and Business Specialist, Gavin Dick said: “Winter feed prices will be a shock for those who bought limited quantities during the summer. In summer last year feed mills had carry-over stocks of relatively cheap raw materials to fill their stores and this saving was often shared with farmers.

“However, since then feed prices have remained high, so that’s not available this winter. This means anyone looking to book winter feed now should budget on spending £30-40/t more than this time last year.”

The new 2011/12 edition of the SAC Handbook is now available at a cost of £32 plus postage and packaging. As usual, it offers an effective reference point in planning for a farm business or the industry at large.

Together with revised sales and cost estimates for the year ahead, the book contains new material, ensuring it continues to highlight what is, and what will be, increasingly important considerations for a sustainable and profitable industry.

New additions to this year’s Handbook include information on renewable heat incentives (RHIs), more detail on renewable energy sources, a new fodder crop comparison table and a renewed look at free-range egg production financials.