Exhibition of tattoo artwork

The eye-popping imagery brings the tattoos to life
The eye-popping imagery brings the tattoos to life

A major exhibition showcasing the hidden world of British tattoo art is underway at Rozelle House in Ayr until March 3.

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed is curated by The National Maritime Museum Cornwall, an independent Museum based in Falmouth, and bringing the exhibition to Scotland is a major coup for Rozell and South Ayrshire Council.

Showcasing the work of major tattoo artists from George Burchett, via the Bristol Tattoo Club, to Alex Binnie and Lal Hardy, this is the largest gathering of real objects and original tattoo artwork ever assembled in the UK.

Among the 400 original artworks, photographs and historic artefacts is the ‘100 Hands Project’, curated by Alice Snape of ‘Things and Ink’ magazine, which showcases 100 lifelike silicone arms, each tattooed with an original design by leading tattoo artists from working across the UK.

It’s estimated that about one in five of the UK population is tattooed, the figure rising to one in three for young adults, and tattoo art has always held a significant place in Britain’s history and historical imagination.

Councillor Brian McGinley said the exhibition promises to be a real eye opener: “With lifelike exhibits, a fascinating social history and live tattooing, this is a truly unique exhibition that people won’t have seen anything quite like before. We’re proud to have brought British Tattoo Art Revealed to Rozelle House with the event making the case for South Ayrshire as a go-to cultural destination.”

South Ayrshire Council is also working with Sean Cahill and Gordon Killin of the Petal Faced Gypsy Tattoo Studio in Prestwick, who will be showcasing their talent and skills live, in a specially built see-through studio to accompany the exhibition.